Road Dogs was born from our love of "sausage" and always finding poor quality hot dogs anywhere we went.

After a lot of sausage sampling we finally came across a small independent butchery who make all of our pork & beef franks by hand.

We started back in 2017! making our mark on the Street Food scene in

"The Big Rig" 

a transformed removal truck.  

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Annnnnd we have puppy branding! 😂😂😂🌭
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What's under my sausage flap??? #looking
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Don't Push This Button if you're hungry!

due to the pandemic we have had a few issues with our hotdog suppliers!

consequently we have put the sausage down and moved over to flipping quality hand made burgers.

we only use quality British beef from our local "friendly" butcher and our buns are hand made and collected weekly from London.


We can cater for any event!

Office lunches,

garden parties,

car shows,

Festivals, Weddings.

if there's space for the big rig

count us in!

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